The All New Rider Hub: Coming Soon

New for Deloitte Ride Across Britain 2011, we’ve developed a great way of keeping in touch with riders in the run up to the event and also for maintaining contact afterwards. It’s a little bit like Facebook, but you don’t have to share every photo of everything you’ve ever done and there is no poking whatsoever.

Your Profile and Getting Started

When you sign up to the Deloitte Ride Across Britain we will send you details of how you log in. Once you have done this you need to set up your profile with some basic information like your name, rider number and if you want you can add a photo, addresses, contact details and more. This is then what is presented to others on the site and once uploaded you are ready to go. You can share as much or as little as you want on your profile, but we reckon the more you put in the the Ride Hub the more you will get out.

Forums and Groups

This is at the heart of the Rider Hub and allows you to chat, share thoughts, worries or tips with other riders both past and present. We have split the forums into categories such as Training, Logistics, Bike Talk….. and within these you can post questions, answer questions and generally find out things you want to. We will be checking on them so that if we can help we will and you can also get in touch directly for a chat with one of the Deloitte RAB team if you would prefer.

You need to join a group to be able to post in it and once you have posted you can opt to be contacted by your email address when someone replies so you don’t even have to check back every ten minutes to see if your question of gear ratios or waterproof jacket advice has been answered.

Private Information 

The Hub is also where we are going to post private information which is only made available to those who have signed up for Deloitte Ride Across Britain. This will include detailed route information and downloadable maps, final joining instructions, training information and tips as well as all the logistical mandatories such as medical forms and insurance requirements.

Don’t worry about tracking these down as we will also be emailing all the information out to you, but you’ll be able to check back and reference everything in case you lose the email in your excitement at receiving more information from us.

This is in the final stages of being prepared and we are looking to launch it shortly to provide the perfect introduction to your Deloitte RAB journey.

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