Slowly and steadily wins the race

Every so often a slight, unfamiliar twinge tells me my body is adapting to the training for endurance cycling. I’m doing Deloitte RAB 2012 because the event was my idea and it no longer seems credible to organise it without ever having done it. I’ve started training now because I fear failure and I want to be fit enough to enjoy the ride.

I’ve enlisted by best man, Will Watson, to do it with me. Already we’re discovering the hidden benefits of RAB; our joint rides have meant we’ve talked more fully about life, family, money, schools (all regular 40 something obsessions) than we have for a long time. I’m also drinking a couple of glasses less wine per week and Mrs Mack reckons my muffin tops have shrunk (marginally).

Coming from a sporty background my instinct is to hurt myself in training to reap quick improvements. This is the wrong approach according to my guru Andy Cook. Instead he wants regular rides at a steady pace to build a solid foundation of bike fitness. Of course he’s right, but cycling within yourself is an art that has to be learned. There are no short cuts to RAB bliss and already I’m envisaging how I will reward myself at the finish line; very fine claret as it happens.

Yesterday I cycled to a meeting in Lacock. I took a meandering route there to get extra miles and a more direct route home to complete a 73 miles round trip. I felt fantastic for 3 hours afterwards and then the tired gremlins invaded my body and I felt semi man fluey. How can we do this for 9 days in a row?

Julian Mack,

Co-founder of Threshold Sports


One Response to Slowly and steadily wins the race

  1. Nathan

    Great work Mack – we can all learn from the “marginal gains” strategy employed by Team Sky and our new world champ Mr Cavendish. Soon you’ll be obsessing over the weight of your bike components (perhaps even installing lightweight cork bar-ends!) and shaving your arms to reduce wind resistance.

    Not until you’ve finished that bottle of Claret though…

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