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Training programme preparing for launch

As we pass the one year to go mark, it must mean one thing: Training. Riding 960 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats is no easy task for even the top cyclists in the world. This is why we take people’s training seriously. For those riders already signed up this means that by the end of the month they will be receiving their questionnaire to get them on the right programme and then it’s time to get to it.

Training is essential to be able to complete Deloitte Ride Across Britain. But the more you do, the more enjoyable the event becomes. It will mean some tough times ahead as you go through winter months in rain and cold, but you’ll emerge the other side fitter, stronger and well placed to take on the ups and downs of the route.

New for 2012: Map My Tracks

Official Training Software Supplier

This year we are particularly excited to have teamed up with Map My Tracks as our official training software supplier. We are working directly with them on some totally new software which will allow you to upload your monthly training plan direct to your profile page on the site and from there track how you are doing vs. your weekly and monthly targets. You will be able to use your Garmin GPS unit, smartphones or just manually log your training and soon you’ll see not only how much you have done, but also how much fitter and stronger you are getting. It has lots of extra functionality as well allowing you look at your training data to see how much you have climbed, how many calories you have burnt and also find other Deloitte RAB riders in your area to get training with. It’s so much more fun as a group after all.

We are looking to launch this towards the beginning of next month and will be exclusive to signed up Deloitte RAB riders and so if you are wondering about signing up, but are waiting for something to push you over the edge then this is it. Don’t miss out on any of your training and start the journey to a healthier 2012 next month.

2 Responses to Training programme preparing for launch

  1. Having read what is included, is it up to th individual to get to LE and home from Jog?

  2. Maz

    Hello Lee.
    Yes I can confirm that it is rider responsibility to get to LE on Friday 7th September, for registration, and back from JOG at the end of the ride. We will try to make this as hassle free as possible, and are looking into shuttle services from key Southern and Northern hubs to help transfer riders to and from these remote locations (for a small additional cost). Details on this will be shared in the New Year when details confirmed.

    Thanks, Maz

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