Spins and Inns

One of my many (unflattering) nicknames on our epic cycling challenge is Matron Mack; so called because of a small tendency to have a ‘le petit moan’ now and then. Today’s mini rant is at riders who make endless excuses for not training. The fact is that cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats is a big physical challenge and the programme is there to help you achieve it. You have to print it off and lock it in to your diary like an important meeting. As Greg Whyte would say, make regular deposits in the ‘fun bank’ and you’ll reap the rewards at ride time.

This week I’ve joined the local gym for 6 months (I hate training inside but needs must) with the reward of an overseas training camp in Majorca if I do my prescribed sessions by March. I plan to do a mix of ergos (bloody knackering) and spin classes (not sure what’s worse) and I’ve spotted a small pool for warm down time.

In ongoing negotiations with Mrs Matron Mack, we’ve agreed that on Sundays we’ll pick a nice pub to which I can cycle and she can be relieved of Sunday lunch preparation – win win. Found a corker called the Hatchet Inn in Lower Chute if anyone’s passing. This is a major upside of training , I’ll have hundreds of pubs to re-visit in October 2012.

I’m hoping the weight will start to drop off – farewell mid week Beaujolais hello tedious Mr Elderflower.

Bumped in to a RABer Class of 2011, William Lavelle, and his family at Seatown in Dorset. Lovely surprise. I’d been cycling up Chideock Hill and he’d spotted the famous RAB shirt. He told me that Okehampton still haunted him but that, like a good claret, the ride had become more satisfying and enjoyable with the passage of time. Prompted me to think we need a reunion dinner one day soon.


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