Interval Training and Syrup Cake

So, trying to be conscientious I took on Andy Cook’s interval training session last week. Designed to build speed I could see that the principle works although the speed gain has not arrived yet.  You cycle hard for bursts of 7, 5 and 3 minutes with 1 minute light pedalling in between. I’m pretty sure Andy will start to lengthen the bursts and with more practice this will produce more speed and therefore less overall time in the saddle – happy days.  It makes for good variety and if you can match the bursts to little bits of your home training route then it becomes fun to race those sections.

Had the pleasure to meet Yanto Barker, a professional cyclist and all-round nice guy.  It was inspiring and depressing in equal measure.  He spoke of his admiration for Deloitte RAB riders taking on such an epic cycle challenge, the need to build efficiency on the bike and the importance of good kit.  He would know, he runs a kit company called Le Col.  What was depressing was his incredibly chiselled jaw and his complete lack of any excess fat.  Clearly carting yourself up hill at ridiculous speed does not involve the sort of muffin tops I’m sporting.  Well he does do it every day – that’s how I’m comforting myself……oh and a little slice of Mr K’s Golden Syrup cake.

Also saw Alan Cook this weekend, our wheel chair JOGLE hero from 2011. He was perky and looking healthier than he did on his third pint at Land’s End.  If you’re struggling to get motivated for training just remember two things he had in bundles. Persistence and determination – those golden brothers that make everything possible in life.

See you on the 20th Nov for some training ride magic in Epsom.  We’ll be focussing on group riding (and keeping warm). If you haven’t booked, contact bronzed Maz (fresh from learning to kite surf in Morocco) on 0845 486 2012.

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