2013 Ride

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From an idea in a bar at the Beijing Olympics to the UK’s top cycle challenge

It seems an age since James, Mack and Charlie first hatched the idea for the Deloitte Ride Across Britain in a bar at the Beijing Olympics. Since then we have built the event from a pipe dream to the biggest (and we believe best) bike challenge in the UK. It is a huge undertaking for riders and crew alike going for 9 days solid, but this is what gives the event it’s magic. When an ex-Deloitte RAB rider sees one of the other jerseys out on the road they exchange a nod or smile of acknowledgement at having done something extraordinary together.

What’s changed for 2013

Every year we make a few changes to the route as we unearth new roads on our travels and this year we will be going North to South again like we did in 2010 and 2011. This is due to a variety of reasons. Critically it avoids busy roads around cities when riders are tired, and also finishing at Land’s End means it is easier for most of our riders to get home after the event. The traditional record breaking direction is South to North, but in 2010 we had a ripping tailwind when we went North to South and the winds are traditionally light in June when we ride. The reality is you can’t predict the weather and with our experience we think this way round is better for the overall ride experience!

The new packages

The full course end to end will always remain the heart of Deloitte Ride Across Britain. Nothing beats the sense of setting off from the farthest tip of the UK to head as far as you can until you hit the ocean at the other end. However, one of the things people have told us has been that it is hard to get time off and they don’t have the time to train for the full 9 days. This is why this year we have introduced the Scotland and England packages. We are only offering 100 places of each package as we want to preserve the feel of the full route experience, but for those short on time you are in for a treat with some epic riding in both. And if you can’t spare the full 9 days but want to set a team time for John O’Groats to Land’s End then make sure you also check out the Team Challenge.

We hope you find everything you want around the site, but if you want to ask something extra  then just drop us a line. You can e-mail on info@rideacrossbritain.com or pick up the phone and chat to one of the team on 0845 486 2012. Whether it be truing wheels, transport or turbo training we are always happy to chat.

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