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Deloitte RAB Final Live Event Blog: Farewell Class of 2013. More was in you.

And so the bubble has burst.  Back we trudge to real life.  My 4 year old asked me if I missed all my RAB friends yesterday……I paused for a moment and told him that despite the haze of exhaustion I did really miss them.
Much like a gap year, how do you explain to people that weren’t there? After 4 sentences they’re giving you the polite nod of interest but only a fellow RABer understands.
1013014_591002177600910_2080527169_nClass of 2013 were a vintage. 600 chaperones to coin Tups’s phrase. You were resilient, determind, thoughtful to each other and the crew, tough as old boots on defining day seven and courteous despite endless, what must have been annoying, requests from us.
The weather was not kind to you….so unkind in fact it would be hard to go North to South again. I know many will say ‘but that’s the challenge’ but you have to stand in my shoes on the finish line of day 7 and look at how battered our riders were.  No fun but my God what grit. Lewis Moody whispered (too tired to talk properly) to me that day 7 was the hardest thing he’d ever done.  But, I protested, what about training with Woodward, Johnners etc for Rugby World Cup 2003?  Yes mate, but that wasn’t (beeping) 10 hours a day!


Then there was the finish line. Ah…..the glow of self-esteem emanating off the riders weather beaten faces.  Priceless.  Ordinary to extraordinary in 982 miles. Makes it all worthwhile.

5551_590987630935698_248851304_nSo many laudable causes and reasons for riders to put themselves through it. Some recovering from depression, others raising money for hospitals who made their children healthy again, some to mourn the passing of a loved one, some just for the sheer hell of it. Several times I turned from the medal podium (where we had amarriage proposal…it was a yes) to wipe my eyes pretending it was the wind.  It wasn’t the wind it was the warmth of the family greeting their exhausted loved ones.

And then there’s the fund raising.  It’s hard to know at this stage the total.  As the toughness of this years ride is revealed to friends, colleagues, bosses, family you tend to see a spike of generosity.  In the 12 or so conversations I had, I totalled up £140,000, mind you £85,000 was achieved by one amazing fella. Rob, I salute you. I suspect we’ll smash it up to £800,000 by close of July.


941109_590511010983360_1011254121_nFinally a favour or two. Threshold is a company that creates and delivers outdoor challenges for companies or charities for 100 to 5,000 people.  If you are someone or know someone who needs a physical element to a company well being plan or a fund raising platform, please pass on our details (my email is below).  Equally please encouarge friends, colleagues, family to sign up for Deloitte RAB 2014 (September).  This time the right bloody way round.  We can’t be complacent about filling the ride in a  difficult economy so any help pushing the ride is very welcome.  If you want a taster (or RAB reunion) we have the 2 day London Revolution next May and if you want a gentle warm down from RAB do join us on in July this year.  No bikes just trainers and the stunning Ridgeway.  We also welcome corporate teams to RAB – this has been used as a dynamic form of client engagement, as well as employee well being, by our title sponsor Deloitte (the wonderful people who’ve backed us from the beginning on the ride) and other partners with great success.

Thank you to everyone in the bubble. Farewell Class of 2013. You were a pleasure to serve. United we conquered.
With great respect
Mack & the crew
More was in you


8 Responses to Deloitte RAB Final Live Event Blog: Farewell Class of 2013. More was in you.

  1. Mark Lawrence

    Mack – thanks to you and all the crew, that was quite an experience. Just back from 2013 and I’m seriously contemplating 2014 already…

  2. Noel

    Nice one, Mack!
    Congratulations to you and your amazing crew.

  3. Susan

    We gave it all we had and by the end ‘no’ more was in us

  4. Peter Farnfield

    Mack as a member of the class of 2011 it has been wonderful to read all the blogs of the last week, bringing back many memories and reading your last one here reminds me what a wonderful guy you are and an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work I can never speak too highly of what you and Threshold do for everyone to make the RAB one of the best.
    By the way I’m currently in Chicago and about to embark on 1000 miles to DC. Mind you my son has already ridden from Vancouver. Noes there’s an idea!
    Kind regards

  5. Jon Cooper

    Looking back over the 9 days I suspect if we had known what awaited us especially in the final few days we would have questioned if we would make it at all on the sleep rations ….. And weather
    Massive respect for keeping our spirits and determination high … We all learnt there is More In Us and accessing those resources opened new doors for the future … When the wind is on the nose to quote Tubs!

    Thanks to everyone supporting us , guarding our bikes, massaging tired muscles, filling stomachs that did not comprehend what was happening, keeping loos and showers spotless, managing The logistics of over 1000 items of luggage and keeping our treasured bikes moving …..

    Flower of the week ….. Difficult one …. For me the spirit of everyone involved and chaperoning each other … Unbelievable bubble ! Thanks JC

  6. Kate

    Hi Mack, as a “cycling widow”, I have followed every inch of the RAB with great interest and enjoyment. I am so impressed with the superb organisation, the good humour, the support, the attention to detail, the great communication and just how NICE everybody has been. It was an honour to stand in the howling wind in Lands’ End and see my husband cycle over the line. Thanks for looking after everybody so well and really making a difference to peoples’ lives.

  7. Deborah Liew

    Mack & crew – It was a truly magnificent and a very VERY tough 9 days. I felt so privileged to be there enjoying all the care and kindness of the crew. Thank you all for having made it possible for me to cycle from JOG to LE in but 9 days. ‘RAB magic’ is absolutely real!
    Kind regards

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