Deloitte RAB Bubble

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 11.45.11 Think back to the two worst days of weather we have had this summer: Sunday June 16th and Saturday 17th August. 30+ mph Westerly winds, driving rain and cold. These two days also have a connection as the first was the final day of Deloitte Ride Across Britain (RAB) 2013 and the second was the re-enacted final day of RAB 2013 for a small group of returning riders.


20798_10151512390336846_840934224_n Craig Stow, a RAB 2013 rider who made it through the first 8 days of the challenge, fell ill in Launceston and unfortunately could not complete the last day. This weekend however was his opportunity to finish the iconic challenge and start where he left off  at Launceston Rugby Club. Through the nature of RAB and the bonds and camaraderie created, Craig was joined by 10 fellow RABers as well as a small contingent of other cyclists to ride and support him through the last 100 miles to Land’s End. Everything was done in true RAB style; the start time, the RAB cycle jerseys, the pit stop food (kindly supplied at the exact locations by Andrew Fry’s wife Caroline) and the route guided by Andy Cook (head of the RAB chaperones and the event’s technical route director). Andy not only made sure they were on track through the beautiful Cornish country lanes but made sure they tackled the same evil hills (especially Newlyn’s finest) without dismounting.

In “39mph headwinds and rain that did nothing but sting our faces and not being 8 days of RAB fit” the general consensus was that it was the hardest 100 mile ride they had done. The conditions matched those that RAB riders experienced on day 9 of the challenge as well as at the top of Shap on day 5… not Cornish beach weather. At least Craig had the authenticity of the experience of the 2013 event, it wouldn’t have been the same in glorious sunshine and the Easterly winds that we have been lucky enough to have for the rest of the summer.

1209183_10151512447556846_554676337_n copyLauren Lepley mentioned that “the banter was at it’s best as you can imagine with the guys that did it (namely Martin, Sam, Thor & Andrew!) but there was effectively 14 chaperones out there, lots of #moreisinyou talk…..We had the RAB medal and wrist band from Threshold Sports that we presented to Craig at the end, which made him teary (he’s still not admitted this!), an awesome experience. The photos of us all in our jersey’s at the end are brilliant… supporters at Land’s End could hear us before they saw our lights…..then still later we appeared.”
“Well that was an epic day. Early start, 100 miles in the worst weather Cornwall could throw at us, but we made Lands End again as a team to of awesome people and rounded off with chips and beer. Even in those weather conditions it was better than any day in the office!” – Sam Dalton.

Huge congratulations to Craig for finishing Deloitte Ride Across Britain 2013, and kudos to those that joined and supported him. It is great to see and hear of RAB riders staying in touch and indeed still cycling! Keep that bubble in tact and remember ‘More is in you’.


3 Responses to Deloitte RAB Bubble

  1. Deborah Liew

    Caroline is a RAB 2014 rider!

  2. Caroline Paula Swan

    Was a brilliant day and when they started to appear through the fog I think we all “got something in our eye!” Well done guys x

  3. Owen Vickery

    I love this story – you are all fantastic for helping Craig complete his experience – I am a RAB 2014 rider!

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