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5 counties in one day

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After a comfortable night in proper beds to recover from a tough first two days, the riders headed North yesterday leaving the sawtooth hills of the Westcountry behind. A mixed weather forecast didn’t dampen spirits and with light rainjackets in back pockets they set off towards the Bristol Channel with the wind at their backs. The first iconic moment of the day came with the crossing of the old Severn Bridge. At a mile wide and 47m high it took the riders high across the Severn and Wye rivers and into Monmouthshire on the border with Wales. The photo opportunities didn’t stop there either. The riders were soon swooping down for the pitstop at the foot of Chepstow castle; the oldest stone castle in the UK. Breathless sightseeing is how Threshold describes their events and Day 3 was no exception. Read More…

City 250 Challenge and Deloitte RAB… on horseback?

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Well now, I must tell you of a funny interaction between our local farmer and my wife this week on the back roads of Inkpen village. Loaded up with Mack minor, Mack major and Mack minimus, Mrs M was on the school run in the Deloitte branded family car. To her shock the farmer pulled her over and enquired when the ride started… September she replied… Read More…