What is Deloitte RAB?

The UK’s premier long distance cycling challenge taking you on a breathless tour of the UK’s finest scenery

Deloitte RAB was the brainchild of the 3 founders at Threshold Sports. James Cracknell, Julian Mack and Charlie Beauchamp. Never one to shy away from a challenge, James was considering entering the Race Across America when it dawned on all three that there was nobody out there doing a great job at the Ride Across Britain.

There were lots of individuals doing it off their own back with panniers and carrying all their equipment, and also several small companies running groups of 12 or 14 people over two weeks, but nobody was doing the classic ‘end to end’ route in a way that gathered people en masse to experience it.

There were a few key things that really mattered to the team creating the event.

  1. It had to take in the most beautiful scenery in the country
  2. It had to be tough enough to represent a huge challenge, but not so hard it was only feasible for pros
  3. It had to capture the spirit of camaraderie that comes with 800 people taking on a shared challenge
  4. Everything on the event had to be taken care of so riders didn’t have to worry about a thing except enjoying the ride each day

Under the organising thought of ‘breathless sightseeing’ they set about planning all the fine details from the number of climbs to just how many clean dry towels are needed for a rider’s hot shower at the end of the day. The vision was brought to life and on 10th June, 2010 the first 600 riders set off from John O’Groats bound for Land’s End.

Since then the Ride has gone from strength to strength. We know that Land’s End and John O’Groats are not going anywhere and as long as they remain there will be people wanting an epic challenge to cycle between the two ends of this beautiful island. Nothing matters more to us than the rider experience which is why the feedback we get keeps us so enthusiastic each year.

If you are interested then have a look around the site. See what we offer in more detail and what other people have said about their experience. We live by the mantra of ‘More Is In You’ and we want to show people just how true this is.