Angela Kirwin, 28, Dual Diagnosis Lead – HM Prisons from London, won a place on Deloitte RAB in Outdoor Fitness magazine. It will be her biggest cycling challenge to date. In her second blog post she is focussing on training for the Ride.

“Cycle training has suddenly got serious. This month I joined the Threshold organisers on a 40 mile training session, where I met the other Deloitte RABers taking part in the ride this year. I got loads of useful tips from people who have already completed the challenge and got some great advice on the logistical side of things like how to get myself, my kit and my bike to the start line.

Angela at training ride

After a rainy week, the weather was perfect and it was beautiful to be out of Central London and in the countryside. It’s times like this that I pinch myself and reflect on how lucky I am to be able to get into the outdoors and explore this country.  It felt great to be out on my bike, although it only took a few miles of cycling for me to realise that leaving my heavy cyclocross tyres on had been a mistake. But the practice ride gave me time to meet and talk to the organisers and other participants. Hearing all their reasons for taking part inspired me further and I returned home feeling more motivated and focused in my own training.

Angela and Deborah

It also helped to make the Deloitte Ride Across Britain seem real for the first time. Until this point, it has been an event in the distant future that I could train for at a later date. All of a sudden, it’s only 20 weeks away!

I’m now working regular bike rides and spin sessions into my training diary, whilst continuing the functional fitness, running drills and core strength sessions with my coach. It has been a new experience for me to explore London on two wheels rather than on two feet but I’m finding the experience liberating: I haven’t had to get my Oyster Card out for weeks now!

I’ve also set myself smaller monthly goals to keep me on track and training hard. I’ve signed up for the Dulux Trade London Revolution in a few weeks’ time where I’ll be cycling 180 miles over two days. This should give me more practice cycling in a group and test my fitness over back-to-back training days. And, as always, it’s the perfect excuse to explore new parts of the country.

The reality of Deloitte Ride Across Britain has well and truly sunk in but I feel up to the challenge! I have a plan and I’m ready to work hard over the next twenty weeks to make sure I’m as fit as possible by September 10th.”


Angela is using the Ride to fundraise for The Prince’s Trust:



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