Name: Zoe McBride

Age: 24


Zoe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 10 years old. She completed Deloitte Ride Across Britain this year and has raised almost £3,000 for Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.

As a little girl, Zoe used to figure skate competitively. Her coach noticed that she was losing weight, getting thirsty and tired and her mother, a nurse, knew what the symptoms indicated. She took Zoe to hospital and her blood sugar registered 30 instead of between four and eight as it should. “It was as quick as that,” Zoe says. “One minute I was fine, the next I had diabetes.”

She was admitted to hospital for three days undergoing injections to regulate her blood sugar. She was also taught about the illness and how to manage it; how to eat correctly – identifying high and low carb foods, carb counting, working out her insulin based on what she had eaten and the possible impact of other elements like emotions and the weather.

“When I got home, I was as independent as I could be,” she says. “I knew how to test my blood sugar and measure my insulin. The hardest thing was to make it a habit. I now measure my blood sugar five times a day – more when I’m cycling.”

“The difficulty with diabetes is that it is a serious condition, but on the outside, you look absolutely fine. I never wanted my diabetes to stop me from doing anything I wanted to do – so if I want to eat a chocolate bar, I do, I just have to balance it with insulin.”

“I never wanted diabetes to stop me from doing anything.”

In 2015, looking for a new challenge, Zoe joined a triathlon club where she met a cyclist who had taken part in Deloitte Ride Across Britain and persuaded her to sign up and ride for Junior Diabetes UK.


“I really want to prove that I can do anything and prove to parents of children with diabetes that they can do anything too. “





“This year I have cycled 2,500 miles in training at weekends and with back to back 100 mile rides. I’ve met so many different people cycling for different reasons and lots of people have helped me with my training in different ways. I feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

Zoe joined the growing number of female riders taking part in Deloitte Ride Across Britain and we enjoyed welcoming her on her epic journey to conquer LEJOG! Well Done!

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