Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer any questions you have here or on the site, but if you want to talk through what life on Deloitte Ride Across Britain is like we are always on the end of the phone. 


When will the event take place?

The 2019 event will take place from 7th September to the 15th September.

When do I need to arrive on the event?

The official dates for the Ride are:

  • Full Course Classic/ Plus: 7th – 15th September 2019
  • England: 7th – 12th September 2019
  • Scotland: 13th – 15th September 2019

Riders will be expected to arrive from 2pm the day before their first day of riding to register and prepare for the next day. There will be dinner and a briefing the evening before the first day of riding, and accommodation provided down in Land’s End.

Do I need insurance?

We highly recommend that riders take out suitable insurance to cover themselves and their bikes during and in the lead up to the event. If riders are suitably insured, they will be covered should they have to pull out for any reason. We will provide the necessary documentation to give to their insurers to be reimbursed the entry fee. We cannot personally give advice on this but your insurers should be able to advise you on suitable cover.


Is there an age limit?

Riders must be aged 18 years or above on the 7th September 2019 to be allowed to enter. 

Can teams enter?

We welcome teams on the event! Please see below for more info.

Teams of friends:  As we need all medical and dietary info from each participant we need each individual to register individually. There will be a section on the registration form that allows you to write in your team name, so that we can link you with your other team mates. This is important so that we know to put you in the same camping zone for the event.

Corporate teams: If you are interested in entering a corporate team, please contact us at We can invoice your company for the places to the individuals don’t have to pay on registration when signing up. We will also let you know how we can support your pre-event experience on elements such as kit design and training days.

Can I pay the entry fee in instalments?

Yes, there is the option to pay your entry fee in instalments. More details regarding the instalment schedule for each package can be found by clicking here to see the schedule

Can I change package?

Yes, you can transfer to another package.

This must take place before midday on Friday 26th July 2019. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for further details.

Is my deposit refundable?

The refund amount the individual is entitled to will depend on how early they notify us of the need to cancel, as nearer to the ride the costs for that individual will have already been accounted for. The refund schedule is outlined in our Rules and Regulations



What bike do I need?

You don’t need to have the latest carbon fibre racing bike to complete the event. However, you do want one which is comfortable, safe and light enough that you can cover the distance efficiently. Please find below a list of our permitted and not permitted bikes.PERMITTED

  • Road Bike (recommended)
  • Hybrid & Cyclocross (recommended)
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Single Speed
    • Single speeds with a fixed or freewheel are permitted as long as they have two handlebar-operated brakes – one front and one rear.
  • Folding Bike
  • Cruiser Bike
  • Tricycles
  • Handcycles & recumbents
    • As this is an open road event please ensure that you are visible by displaying a safety flag
  • Tandems
    • Please note you will need two entries, one per person
  • Electric bicycles
    • You must be familiar with your bike’s battery range, and carry a charged spare battery with you
    • There won’t be any charging stations at pit-stops, only at the base camp
    • Mechanics will not be carrying any spare batteries
    • You must ensure your bike is legal and road-worthy. Please see government guidance here:  


  • Fixed wheel with no brakes and/or only a front brake
  • Any bicycle with only one brake
  • Unicycles
  • Penny Farthings
  • Quadcycles
  • BMX
  • Towed trailers
  • Child carriers
  • Tag-a-long trailers bicycles
  • Trailer bicycles
  • Cargo bicycles
  • Specialist time-trial bicycles
  • Stride driven or stand up machines such as elliptical cycles
  • Any bicycle without 360° rider visibility
  • Unconventional handlebars (including triathlon bars, aero bars, clip-ons, prayer bars, Spinaci bars and cow bars)
  • Handlebars without bar-end plugs
Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes. Safety out on the road is paramount to us so we cannot allow you to ride without one.

What kit do I need?

A full kit list is provided on Participant Rider Platform which you’ll have access to when you sign-up. 

Is there a laundry service on the Ride?

We will be providing a laundry service on the ride at an additional cost for those doing the ‘Classic’ or ‘Plus’ package. This will enable you to get your cycling kit cleaned on three days out of nine, meaning you will need to bring three sets of cycling kit with you.

As well as this, there will be washing facilities available for you to wash your other kit and there’s a drying room available at each basecamp for you to leave your kit overnight to dry to pick up in the morning.


How do I get my bike to the start and from the finish?

We have a third party transport supplier, European Bike Express, that help our riders get their bikes to and from the event. This is an additional cost. Click here to see the 2018 timetable for a good idea of timings and pick up points and have a read through the Bike Transport FAQs. Please note, these are from 2018 and are subject to change for the 2019 event.

How the bike transport service works:

  • Around a week before the event – You will be able to drop off your bike at a location around the country at a specified time (around 12 locations across the UK – usually motorway service stations). Your bike will will then be transported to the start line and ready and waiting for you when you arrive in Land’s End.
  • After the event – You can leave your bike with us at the finish and collect if from the pick up point of your choice around a week later at a specified time.

Please note: If you are an England or Scotland rider you will need to organise your own transport to/ from Edinburgh.


Is there rider transport available?

We will be providing a rider shuttle service, at an extra cost, (for riders and bags only, with the exception of overseas riders) that will collect riders from local transport links to Land’s End and John O’Groats. These are usually:

LE – Penzance train station (best for if you are travelling down from London), Exeter Airport, Newquay Airport, Bristol Airport.

JOG – Wick Airport/ Wick train station / Inverness Airport (for flights/ trains back to London and other destinations)

For those flying out of Inverness at the end of the ride there will be shuttles on both the Sunday (from the finish line in JOG) and from a hotel nearby Inverness airport on the Monday morning. For an idea of how this works, click here to see the 2018 timetable and read the Rider Transport FAQs. Please note, these are from the 2018 event and are subject to change for 2019.

I'm an international rider, what are my best transport options?

If you are flying from overseas for the Ride, we understand you may not be able to drop your bike for the bike transport in advance of the event. Therefore our transport service will allow you to book your bike on to certain “rider only” bus shuttles for an additional cost. 

Getting from London to Land’s End: If you are flying in to London, your best option is to get a train from London to Penzance (you must book your bike onto this in advance). You then need to book a shuttle with you (and your bike) to get to the start line. Alternatively there are some shuttles from southern airports such as Bristol and Newquay.

Getting from JOG to London: On day 9 (the last day) there is no accommodation provided. However, our shuttle provider organise shuttles from the finish to Inverness and Wick on the Sunday afternoon/ evening (must be pre-booked). The majority of riders will make their onward journey on the Sunday but many opt to stay overnight in either Inverness or Wick and get flights or trains the following day. You will either want to get a late flight or sleeper train from Inverness on the Sunday, or a flight back to London from Inverness on Monday.


How much training am I expected to do?

It is important to know that this event is impossible without dedicated and regular training. The level of training required will vary depending on the individual. We provide riders with the choice of three training plans to download: novice, intermediate and advanced. All three training plans are designed to get riders at any level in shape to enjoy and complete the ride.

It’s not obligatory for riders to strictly follow the training plans we provide. Some riders will opt to follow their own tailored plans or go on recommendations of others who have completed similar events – so there are other ways of training outside our guidelines.

However, in your training you must complete long distance rides, which are a minimum of 120 miles prior to the event. We also advise that you have completed a number of training rides on consecutive days in order to experience fatigue brought on by persistent mileage.

To see our Training Milestones which each rider must reach during their training, please click here.

As well as training plans, each of our monthly emails will include a section on responsible riding. It is important to remember that the key factor of training is to get out on the bike as much as you can, as well as learning key skills that you will need for the ride, such as riding in a group. Therefore we strongly recommend riders get practice group riding, train on undulating terrain and perhaps have a go at a multi-day sportive such as the Dulux London Revolution 2019.

How many miles will I cycle on average each day?

You will cycle on average 109 miles a day, wth the longest day being 119 miles. You will be cycling at least 100 miles each day, for 9 consecutive days, so you will need to make sure that your training prepares you for that.

To see a detailed version of the daily route, climb and distance head to the route page here.

What is the climb like each day?

You are climbing an average of 5,776ft per day.

The largest day is Day 1 at 8,232ft and the smallest day being a climb of 3,133ft on Day 4.

Is the route fully signposted?

Yes the route will be fully signposted, with chaperones along the route for support.

Are there pit stops along route?

There will be pit stops roughly every 35-40 miles along the route with toilets, plenty of snacks and drinks and sports nutrition. It’s also a good opportunity to rest, refuel, stretch your legs and sort out any mechanical/ medical issues you might be having.

What speed do I need to maintain along the route?

In order to finish each day within the set time frame, you will need to be averaging a minimum of 10mph over 120miles. In preparation for this, you must make sure you have some longer bike rides of about 100 – 120miles in your training plan to see if you can sustain your speed over this period of time.

What is the Broom Wagon?

Each pit stop and the finish line has a cut off time, which will be publicised before the event and reiterated each day. We operate a ‘broom wagon’ vehicle to pick up those who fall behind the stated cut off times.

This follows the ride each day and collects those who are unable to complete the stage. The broom wagon then transports them onwards to the next basecamp by the end of each day. Please note that any absence of riding for a day will count as a strike 

What is the 3 strike rule?

We are committed to ensuring that as many riders as possible reach John O’Groats safely which is why we operate a 3 strike rule.

If you have not been able to complete a day’s riding and have gone on the broom wagon, you will get a ‘strike‘ to say you haven’t managed to finish that day. If you receive your third strike, this will mean you are unfortunately no longer able to continue on the Ride as we feel it would be unsafe for you to continue due to the demanding nature of the event.

Please note, a strike is applicable if you do not complete a day of the Ride. The strike still applies even if you do not ride and organise your own transport to the next basecamp therefore not going on the broom wagon. 


What does the entry fee cost go towards?

The whole entry fee goes towards the costs of the facilities and services put in place for riders. 

These costs include camping facilities, food – including breakfast, lunch, dinner and pit stop snacks, sports nutrition and facilities for showering/ bathrooms etc. The fee also goes towards crew service costs on the event such as: chaperones, medical and massage teams, mechanics, luggage transport services and basecamp/ pit stop crew. Check out our What’s included page for more information.

Is overnight stay included on the evening before riding and Sunday after the ride?

On the evening before riding, the overnight stay at the Land’s End basecamp is included (and overnight stay in Edinburgh on Thursday 12th September if you are joining in Scotland). Riders will be required to arrive from 2pm to register and get their bikes ready for the next day. In the evening there will be a rider briefing and an evening meal provided ready to get set and go the following morning.

On the final day of the ride (Sunday 15th September) there is no overnight accommodation provided. Once riders arrive at the JOG finish line there will be free hot soup and coffees available along with food and drink concessions that can be purchased at extra cost. Riders will usually head off home the afternoon/evening of the finish, while a small percentage of riders normally choose to stay overnight up in Scotland near the airport due to flight/train times and then head off on the Monday.

Do I need to bring a sleeping bag and camping mat?

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and camping mat with you. For those who don’t have their own, we will be offering the option to purchase a camping mat. 



What is the quality of the hotels we will be staying in?

All the hotels will have a minimum of 3 stars. Further detail on each hotel will be sent to you in due course once you have registered.

What type of rooms are provided?

Rooms will be single occupancy, but there is the option for the plus package to opt for a double occupancy room if you are signing up with someone else. We cannot guarantee you will be in a twin rooms due to availability of twin rooms at the hotels.

Where will I eat breakfast and dinner each day?

You will eat dinner and breakfast at the basecamp with the other riders. There will be shuttles running from basecamp to the hotel and back so you are able to travel between the two. 

How do I get from the hotel to the startline each evening/ morning?

Each day you will start/finish at the basecamp and be shuttled to and from your hotel accommodation.

We will be running shuttles from the basecamp to your hotel from 4pm each day (apart from Friday 6th where there will only be one shuttle at 9.30pm). The exact timings of these shuttles will vary and will depend on the proximity of the hotel to the basecamp.

As we need to coordinate shuttle transport for 75 riders you may have to wait a short while for your shuttle. You will be able to help yourself to afternoon tea and have a massage while you wait, and also have your day bag available to shower and change into something comfortable.

As you will be eating, having your massage and attending the evening briefing in the basecamp, there will be shuttles going to and from the hotels back to the basecamp. This is particularly for those that arrive early in to the basecamp and want to go back to their hotel before returning to the basecamp for dinner and evening briefing.

What happens with my bags?

Each day you will need to bring your main bag from your hotel room and drop it in the hotel reception. This bag will be transported straight to your next hotel and has a weight limit of 15kg.

You will also need to pack a small day bag that will be transported to the next basecamp. In this bag you should pack washing kit and a spare change of clothes for if you want to shower / change at basecamp while you wait for the transfer to your hotel at the end of the day. This bag has a weight limit of 5kg.

Is laundry included in my package?

No. If you wish to make use of the laundry service you need to purchase this additionally. This can be purchased when you are registering for the event.


What happens if I need to cancel my place?

We operate a 7-day cooling off period – during the first 7-days after registration your fee if fully-refundable should you change your mind. After this point your entry fee we offer a refund sliding scale if participants have to cancel their place for any reason.

The refund amount the individual is entitled to will depend on how early they notify us of the need to cancel, as the nearer to the ride it gets the costs for that individual will have already been accounted for – this is outlined in our Rules and Regulations. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. 

We do provide some options for you if you cannot attend, and they are listed in the following sections. 

Is my deposit refundable?

The refund amount the individual is entitled to will depend on how early they notify us of the need to cancel, as nearer to the ride the costs for that individual will have already been accounted for. The refund schedule is outlined in our Rules and Regulations


Event deferral

Threshold will allow a participant to defer their place on the event to 2020 under the following circumstances

  • The participant must have paid the relevant instalments or the full Entry Fee for their place on the event.
  • If the participant has balances outstanding these must be paid in line with when they are due, for the next year (2020), unless those balances are overdue, in which case they must be paid immediately. 
  • The participant is subject to pay a “Deferral Fee” depending on the time of notification that they wish to defer.

Please refer the Rules and Regulations for further details.

Participant Transfer

You can transfer your place to another participant.

This must take place before midday on Friday 26th July 2019 and there is a fee of £75. This must be made payable to the Event Organisers by the outgoing participant. Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for further details.

Please refer the Rules and Regulations for further details.

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