Tracking Ride Across Britain

Live event tracking

Friends and family can follow your progress live during each stage of the Ride with Map My Tracks.

It’s easy to get set up ready to track live during the event.

To enable live tracking, participants should complete the following steps:

Step 1. Log into Map My Tracks and click on ‘Attend’ on the Deloitte Ride Across Britain event. If you are not registered with Map My Tracks you can create a free account.

Step 2. Download one of the Map My Tracks apps (see FAQs on the right) to your phone.

Step 3. On each day of the event, start the Map My Tracks app tracking in ‘online public’ mode. This will present your live location on the Map My Tracks event map (below) for friends, family or sponsors to follow.



Where can I join the event on Map My Tracks?

Deloitte Ride Across Britain is on Map My Tracks here

Where do people see my progress?

When a rider is tracking live during the event their progress will be shown on the event maps on the left.

What app should I use?

For performance (high accuracy) tracking use the Map My Tracks OutFront app, available for iOS and Android. OutFront will broadcast your progress every few seconds. When used on ‘online public’ mode it will stream full performance details including speed, distance, cadence, power, heart rate live to the event maps.

Live tracking available as an in-app purchase which costs £2.99. An additional power pack may be required to track live over long durations.

For long distance (low accuracy) tracking use the Map My Tracks Endurance app, available for iOS and Android. Endurance is purely a location tracker. It does not provide performance statistics but can have the update interval extended in order to preserve the phone’s battery life. Endurance is available to download from the App Store or Google Play for £0.79.

Where can I get help about live tracking?

Any questions on how to get the most out of live tracking at the event, please email Map My Tracks

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