Nathan Cook, 40, lives in Milton Regis in Kent. Ten years ago he was involved in an accident at work and told he would only be able to walk with a stick. At his heaviest, he weighed 21-stone. So far, he has lost over 6 stone. In 2018 he is taking part in Dulux Trade London Revolution AND Deloitte Ride Across Britain.


How did your accident happen?

I work as an HGV driver for Downtons. On June 23rd, 2008 my accident happened. 

I was laying pallets out on the bed of my trailer when the forklift driver who was loading me hit the side of my trailer. The force threw me off balance and I fell to the concrete floor below. I landed with my left leg first which snapped on landing and I broke my left arm trying to break my fall. On arrival at the hospital, I was told I had a radial head fracture to my arm and a tibia plateau fracture which I was told were so serious they would take up to a year to heal.


I’m really looking forward to amazing scenery, being part of the RAB ‘bubble’ and the opportunity to push myself harder and further than I have ever done before.


How did you manage to get back to work so quickly?

I actually returned to work in six months by pure stubbornness and not doing what the doctors told me. They told me it would be a year and even then I would be walking with a stick for the rest of my life and driving a truck again was totally out of the question. 

I recovered in secret – and without my wife’s knowledge – putting weight on my broken leg and doing a couple of steps every day. The doctors were amazed I had recovered so quickly but would have been furious if they had found out what I was doing.


How are you now?

Now and again my leg still gives me problems. I had another operation on it in 2011 to try and regrow the cartilage in my knee. Eventually, the knee will need replacing. 

My left leg is now an inch shorter than my right so my daughter calls me Mr Hop-a-Long. My wife says that if I walk far enough I’d do a massive circle and end up back where I had started.


When did you start cycling?

Before the accident, I’d been inactive for the previous 10 years so I was overweight and my blood pressure was through the roof. I really needed something to do to get myself fit. 

In 2015 I discovered a spin class. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Run Fat Boy Run with Simon Pegg but I looked exactly like him after the first one – but I was hooked! 

I started road cycling in 2016 when some friends asked me if I wanted to join their team to do the London to Brighton bike ride. At the time I didn’t even own a bike and 54-miles seemed impossible but I agreed to it, completed it and loved the freedom road cycling gave me. So I kept on doing it.

 At my heaviest, I weighed nearly 21-stone. So far I have lost five stone and I am currently 14-stone 10 and still shedding the pounds. I’m seeing a nutritionist to sort my diet out and it’s returning amazing results. I think I’m currently up to about 14 inches of fat gone from my whole body and in the last 4 months, I have lost 6.5% body fat. I still need to lose about another three stone though to get to my goal weight but I am determined to do it.


What is your training plan?

I now ride quite frequently and try and do 100 miles every weekend. The training for RAB is going to be the hardest part as I work away all week so I can’t follow the official training plan. I’ve also signed up to do the Dulux Trade London Revolution in May to give me some idea of what I’ve let myself in for…


What are you looking forward to on the ride?

I’m really looking forward to amazing scenery, being part of the RAB ‘bubble’ and the opportunity to push myself harder and further than I have ever done before. 

And the bad? The hills. I’m currently built to go down them a lot easier than I go up them. The thought of the broom waggon terrifies me so I’m hoping to be fast enough that I never have to see the inside of it.


Are you fundraising?

I’m raising money for Demelza House in Kent which is a hospice local to me for children with life-limiting illnesses.


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