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What’s included?

We understand that riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats is not something you do on a whim. From the moment you sign up, we’re there to prepare you for the challenge of a lifetime.

So what do you get from us?


Bespoke training programmes tailored to your goals

Whether you’re a first timer or you have multiple finishes to your name, we’ll support you from day one, with training programmes designed to get you to the finish line in the best shape of your life.

Additional training advice and support from our expert Technical Route Director

The Ride Across Britain isn’t a sprint or a marathon – it’s a multi-day, ultra-endurance epic that requires some preparation to complete. Our Route Director will help you get ready for each and every climb along the way, ensuring you know what lies ahead.

Maintenance and bike fitting guides to ensure you and your bike are in optimum shape

To get to John o’ Groats, it helps to be prepared. We’ll help you take care of your bike and get it ready for the epic trip with custom guides and webinars.

On the Road

Fully loaded pit stops

There will be two to three pit stops for you every day you are on the road to make sure you are fuelled and ready to tackle the ride head. With healthy snacks and sports nutrition as well as much-needed cake and pork pies, there really is something for everyone!

Turn-by-turn signposting

Navigation is a huge part of any Land’s End to John o’ Groats ride. At the Babble Ride Across Britain, arrows marking the way are laid out every day – all you have to do is follow them!

On the off chance someone takes a wrong turn, we send out detailed route maps for each stage of the event, with elevation profiles included to give you an idea of what lies in store. We also supply up-to-date GPX files in advance.

Highly experienced chaperone riders

Riding 100+ miles a day is not easy, and everyone goes through rough patches. Our chaperones are experienced cyclists responsible for ensuring you make it to basecamp in high spirits each night.

Whether you need to distract yourself with chat on a punishing climb or just switch off and draft, they’re on-hand to help, and can be easily spotted thanks to their unique chaperone jerseys.

Rider timing and tracking

The Babble Ride Across Britain is a marathon, not a sprint – but some riders like to keep track of how long it takes them to complete each day’s ride.

At Land’s End, you’ll be given a chip embedded in your numbered sticker, to be attached to your helmet. Each night, you’ll be able to review your time for the day’s riding online.

Broom wagon

Some times, the odds aren’t in your favour. Whilst we strive to ensure everyone makes it to basecamp under their own power, in the event that you’re struggling our sweeper bus is on hand to help.


All meals included

Nothing beats a good meal after a hard day’s riding! Our roaming basecamp is built to be a home away from home, with a range of hot meals, salads, and desserts to choose from, as well as the option of a well-earned drink or two. And with breakfast laid on each morning, you’ll never struggle to replace all the calories you’ll burn!

Qualified sports physiotherapists

No one can take on a challenge like Land’s End to John o’ Groats without a few niggles here and there – that’s why we bring along some helping hands!

At every basecamp, you’ll find a team of fully qualified physiotherapists whose sole aim is to get you fighting fit for the next day’s ride. Beloved by our riders, they are a huge part of the Babble Ride Across Britain’s 90+% finish rate.

Private tent each night

At the end of every day, you’ll have your very own private two-man tent waiting for you – a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of basecamp. After your first night settling in, we can promise you will sleep soundly for the rest of your journey up the country.

If you fancy some extra comforts, take a look at our Plus Package, which includes hotel accommodation after each stage.

Showers, chill-out areas, drying rooms, and more

With nine days of intense riding, you need somewhere to relax and recuperate. That’s why basecamp isn’t just a campsite – it’s a village on wheels!

From hot showers and hairdryers to charging points, stretching areas, and massage tents, we provide you with everything you need to recover and achieve this immense challenge of a lifetime.


Fully mobile repair service

The last thing anyone wants on a multi-stage epic ride is to have to deal with a broken bike. Our complimentary mechanical service is available throughout the Babble Ride Across Britain.

With mobile vans to help with on-the-road breakdowns such as chain and wheel issues, and heavy duty mechanical support at every pit stop, we do everything we can to keep your bike going all the way to the finish line.

Loan bikes to keep you rolling

In the event that your bike needs more time to fix up, we’ll provide you with complimentary loan bike to make sure you don’t have to miss out on a day’s ride.


On the road

In the event of a medical emergency, paramedics will be out on the route ready to respond to any accident as soon as they possibly can. If anything happens out on the road, our team are just a phone call away.

In basecamp

Waiting for you every day at the basecamp will be our team of medics, there to help you out with any niggles, twinges or more serious problems you may have. Dedicated to helping each rider get safely back on the bike the next day, your well-being is their number one priority.


Don’t fancy nights under canvas?

If you don’t think camping is quite right for you, the Plus Package includes hotel accommodation along the entire route, plus a shuttle service to and from your accommodation.

The challenge of a lifetime, with a little extra

  • 8 nights in 3* local accommodation within 45 minutes transfer time
  • The final night of the ride will be camping, experiencing our infamous basecamp for the last night with your fellow riders
  • Meals in the basecamp or hotel, depending on the proximity of the hotel to the basecamp
  • Dedicated Plus package manager

Single or double occupancy available

To ensure you have the best possible experience on the Plus Package, we offer both double and single rooms along the route. If you want to bunk with your buddy or loved one, then the double room is for you, whilst a single room affords you your own private space to recover each night.

Please note that, due to the limitations of some hotels, we can only offer single or double occupancy (sharing) and not twin options.


Getting there and back

We want to make sure you get to the start, and back from the finish, as easily as possible. We use a third party provider to organise shuttles to Land’s End from accessible locations such as Penzance, Exeter and Bristol, and from John o’ Groats to Wick and Inverness. We also use a bike transport company to collect and deliver bikes to regional hubs.

If you’d like to find out more about pre- and post-event transportation logistics, drop us an email and we’d be happy to chat.


We want you to be able to remember this incredible ride for the rest of your life – what better way to do so than to purchase your very own official event merchandise?

Rider jerseys and other event merchandise are available to buy before, during and after the event via our online shop.


Nine days of hard riding means a lot of dirty clothes. To avoid you having to bring your entire wardrobe along for the trip, we provide a pre-purchase laundry service through which you can get your kit professionally cleaned. This is available at the end of stages two, four, and seven of the Ride Across Britain.


Our official photography partners Sportograf will be there each day to capture the highs, the lows, and everything in between. You can purchase your pictures in advance for a discounted rate.

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