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Our Basecamps will have:

  • Toilets & showers
  • Medics & physios
  • Changing facilities
  • A stretching area
  • Mechanical services & bike racking
  • Hot food
  • A bar and coffee concessions



You will be allocated a one-man tent each night.​ The tent will be put out and packed up for you at each location.

If you wish to leave Basecamp for any reason, please sign out at the Info Desk to let us know for health & safety reasons. ​

Site stewards are present around Basecamp looking after all participants and equipment onsite. Please note that smoking is not permitted on any of the Event sites.


Plug sockets will be available in the dining area. There will be a separate charging area for items attached to your bike as bikes must not be brought into the dining area. ​

Please DO NOT bring a laptop/iPad with you due to their value and confidential nature.

Please note, there will be no public Wi-Fi network. However, standard 3G/4G coverage should work as usual. ​


The laundry service is on Day 2 (Bath), Day 4 (Haydock) and Day 6 (Edinburgh). This must be pre-purchased either during registration or via your MyEvents Portal. ​

  • You will be given a net bag on arrival.
  • There is a limit of 6 items of cycling kit per wash
  • We can’t accept heavy items such as heavy cotton items, jeans or fleeces as they will not dry.​
  • Laundry is handed in in the evening and given back the following morning.​


There will be a drying area at each Basecamp.

We will provide hangers and pegs, but we recommend bringing space-saving hangers to keep your kit together. ​

Please ensure everything is labelled and that you collect your items before leaving each Basecamp. ​

Lost Property

If anything is lost, it will be handed to the Info Desk. ​

  • Clearly label your belongings with your ​ name and rider number.​
  • We will keep the items for the duration of the event but items not claimed within 2 weeks after the event will be given to charity.
  • You are responsible for all your personal belongings. Threshold Sports cannot take responsibility for missing or lost items. ​