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Arrival Day

Your arrival is from 2 pm on the day before you start riding:

Classic / Plus / England Package: 6th September 2024

Scotland Package: 12th September 2024

Schedule for your arrival day:

14:00: Basecamp open​

14:00 – 19:30: Registration open​

18:00 – 21:00: Dinner​

20:00: Compulsory rider briefing​

You will be allocated a specific colour for the duration of the Ride. ​ The colour zone relates to where you put your bike in the racking, where your tent is and where you drop off / collect your luggage each day.​

Registration Pack

In your posted Registration Pack you will get:

Bike number

Luggage Label

Cable ties

At the event, you will get:

Accreditation wristband. ​

Timing chip sticker (for the left-hand side of the helmet)

Bike tag & cable ties (sits under your seat post) ​

Helmet sticker for photography recognition​

International participants and those who register or change package in the last month before the event will need to collect their full pack at the registration desk. For other riders, if you do not receive your pack, please do not panic! We will provide a new pack for you at the event.