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The route will be marked with large arrows. If you go a few miles without seeing one and are worried that you are off course, you can ring Event Control. ​This number will be on your Bike number and Rider wristband.

Always follow the event signage in case there are any last-minute changes to the route. ​


Times will be taken at the start and finish of each day and will be published online after the event by Results Base.

Our route distances are gathered by the Route Director using an electronic mapping system. This is as accurate as possible, but discrepancies can occur which may lead to potential minor differences in distance when out on the route. ​


Look out for our chaperones, powered by Babble, out on the route. They will be encouraging you to ride as a group. Please ride at a speed you are comfortable with. ​Around 10-12 per group is ideal. ​

The groups are flexible by nature. Find a group of people riding to a similar standard each day and maintain a sustainable pace.​


You must stop at the two daily pit stops so that your time is logged and we know where you are. ​These will give you a chance to refresh and recharge for the next stage, and check in with the medics or mechanics if you need to. We recommend a quick turnaround to get back on the route as quickly as possible. ​

Each pit-stop will have a selection of snacks including a variety of sweet and savoury options, sports nutrition, water, hot drinks & sandwiches (at selected pit stops).


Broom Wagon

We operate a ‘broom-wagon’ vehicle(s) that will follow the route at the back behind the last participant each day. It will pick people up if they fall behind the pit-stop cut off times and/or route closing time or who become injured/medically unable to continue. ​Once you are in the broom wagon you will not be able to get back on to the route and will be transported on to the next basecamp. ​

Cut off time

The route will be open for 12 hours per day and each pit-stop and the finish line will have a cut off time based on each day’s mileage and terrain. These will be publicised before the event. We reserve the right to alter these cut off times due to extenuating circumstances.  If you use the Broom Wagon or miss one of these cut off times this results in a strike.

Strike rule

Any rider who has three strikes will be asked to leave the Ride. ​This is to allow a few ‘off days’ whilst ensuring those who have not trained sufficiently do not use the broom as a taxi across the country. Strikes are allocated if: You do not make the pit-stop cut off times or final cut off time, or you do not start on a particular day, and travel to the next ​basecamp.