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Experience the UK’s original cycling adventure from the comfort of your own shed / spare room / basement.

We want to inspire as many people as possible to take on the Babble Ride Across Britain. That’s why we’re delighted to be partnering with indoor cycling platform Rouvy to bring you the Virtual Babble Ride Across Britain.

Using Rouvy’s immersive indoor cycling app, you can now experience seven iconic sections from the Babble Ride Across Britain adventure from the comfort of your own shed, as part of the Virtual Babble Ride Across Britain Challenge.

Sign up now using code RAB2M to unlock a two-month Rouvy free trial.

Complete the Challenge to Win

Complete all seven routes before the challenge expires on March 3rd, and you’ll unlock a unique in-app virtual jersey. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win some epic prizes, including a Wattbike Ultimate Bundle worth £299 courtesy of our friends at Wattbike.

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From rolling Cornish countryside to mighty Scottish mountains, we’ve chosen seven sections from the real-life Babble Ride Across Britain, designed to showcase as of the incredible cycling Great Britain has to offer.

Sign up now using code RAB2M to unlock a two-month Rouvy free trial and view each route via the links below.


What is Rouvy?

Rouvy is a virtual cycling platform which lets you ride, race, and train on the world’s most scenic routes.

By connecting to your smart meter or power trainer, Rouvy simulates the elevation profile of real-world routes as you ride. Unlike other platforms which build fully digital virtual worlds, Rouvy uses real-world footage to create an augmented reality (AR) cycling experience.

Why Rouvy?

The Babble Ride Across Britain is nothing if not scenic.

We wanted a platform that allowed us to showcase more than just the elevation profile of the route but capture the incredible views and majestic landscapes. Rouvy’s AR capabilities make it the perfect vehicle for experiencing the spectacular scenery to be found on the Babble Ride Across Britain.

What do I need to ride on Rouvy?

To start riding on Rouvy you will need an ANT+ or Bluetooth® (BLE) compatible smart trainer or power meter.

If you already have a smart trainer that partners with apps like Zwift, then it should be simple to link up to your Rouvy account.

For a full list of compatible and semi-compatible devices, click here.

How do I get set up on Rouvy?

1. Create your Rouvy account.

A standard Rouvy account costs £14.99 a month. Group discounts are available. Use code RAB2M to secure a two-month free trial. Click here to get set up.

2. Download the Rouvy app.

To install the Rouvy app to your laptop, tablet, Apple TV or phone, click here.

To install the Rouvy App you will need: Windows 10 (or later) / MacOS High Sierra 10.13+ / AppleTV 16+ / iOs 12+ / Android 10+

3. Pair your smart trainer, power meter and other sensors with the Rouvy App.

For detailed instructions on pairing your devices and sensors to Rouvy, use the links below.

How does the discount code work?

The RAB2M discount code sits on top of Rouvy’s complimentary two-week free trial. That’s why you may see a date two weeks in the future on your receipt when you sign up.

Once that date has passed, a standard Rouvy subscriber would begin paying their monthly fee. The discount code negates this cost for 2 months.

If you signed on December 14th, you wouldn’t pay anything until February 28th – two weeks for the standard free trial, then two months for the exclusive Babble Ride Across Britain discount.