Is RAB for me?

Is Deloitte Ride Across Britain for me?

Novice and elite, young and old, male and female

We developed Deloitte Ride Across Britain as an event for all

This challenge is not easy and will require a commitment from you to train and prepare for the event but we believe that with enough focus and support, anything is possible.

Among the thousands of people who have completed this cycling challenge, we have had men and women in their seventies, time-poor parents, cyclists battling cancer, amputees and people who had never ridden a bike before. All of them reached the finish line and conquered a challenge that would shape their lives forever.

Take a look at our different rider profiles below for more information on the ranges of ability and experience that we encourage to take part. You are also welcome to join us on one of our training days to meet the team, check your fitness levels and ask any questions you may have before signing up.

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There are riders every year who sign up without owning a bike

Many previous riders who successfully completed the Deloitte Ride Across Britain first signed up with a limited cycling background and minimal fitness. In their commitment to the challenge, the training they put in and their determination over those nine days, they achieved something incredible.

With the right training anything is possible 

Your journey to John O’Groats does not begin at Land’s End but at the moment you sign up. The amount of training you do will have an effect on your enjoyment of the event and we really encourage getting your mind and body prepared for hours in the saddle. We appreciate that time may not be a luxury for those looking after children and juggling busy careers but we can help you structure your preparation with a training plan. In order to complete the Ride, you will need to be averaging a speed of 10mph every day, but not to worry, we will help build you up to this as well as including some longer rides to help your legs get used to the distance! 

Not sure you’ve got the legs, you can always do it over two years

With your motivation to embark on a lifetime challenge and with our support along the way, there is no reason you won’t complete the full 980 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats. However, there is also the option to break the ride in two and complete the England and Scotland packages over two years.

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 9.7 times the mileage of Ride London, 4.3 times the ascent of the average L’Etape, 3.0 times longer than London to Paris

As experienced riders you will already know that cycling Land’s End to John O’ Groat’s is one of the most iconic journeys on the map. Whilst we encourage those with a range of cycling backgrounds, we are set up for experienced cyclists to push themselves. If you want company to ride with then how do multiple medal winning Olympian and Paralympians sound?

Fully supported so you can ride hard without carrying baggage

Deloitte RAB is completed in nine days and is therefore shorter and more challenging than many LEJOG rides which take an average of 12-14 days. We carry all your baggage and kit each day so you can ride a proper race bike and we’ll even have the mechanics on hand to deal with that fragile Italian carbon steed.


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If you have the determination we’ll do all we can to get you there

We welcome riders with multiple disabilities to join us on this tough but achievable challenge across Britain and have the experience to support you as you ride over 100 miles a day. In previous years we have had the privilege of hosting amputee riders on specially adapted bikes; a rider who was paralysed below the sternum and completed the entire distance on a handbike; blind riders who rode the distance on a tandem and someone with severe knee injuries who made it to the finish line on an elliptical bike.

We have met people who have either been born with disabilities or been involved in accidents which have drastically changed their lives. Like all riders on Deloitte Ride Across Britain they share something in common; an unbreakable spirit and drive.

If you want to ride, but have some special requirements then please contact us to see what we can do.

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“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

We firmly believe that age is not a barrier and encourage riders with a few more years behind them to join us on this incredible cycling challenge from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Our most senior rider so far has been 78 years old who not only made it to the finish line but became an inspiration to us all.

Our completion rates are well over 90%

We have the support in place to provide you with tailored advice on how to prepare for this epic cycling challenge. Your safety is our highest priority and we take every measure to ensure that you are looked after at all times. We have ride chaperones to lead you at your pace and the route is clearly sign posted to make sure you don’t get lost. We have medical and mechanical crews on hand throughout the event and you can trust our team will ensure your safety and enjoyment at all times.

Choose a package that suits you

If you want to take part in the challenge but feel the full distance is a little far, there is also the shorter option to ride either England or Scotland routes only.

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There is no better way to see Britain than on the 9-day of Deloitte Ride Across Britain

We encourage and welcome international guests on The Deloitte Ride Across Britain, a cycling tour loaded with adventure, epic memories and eternal bragging rights.
This is a fully supported and (almost) all-inclusive cycling holiday that is not just about exploring your own personal limits but also about forging new friendships, soaking up the beauty of Britain and making memories that will last a lifetime.
You will see parts of the UK that are off the beaten track from barren moorlands to unknown back lanes and breath-taking coastal roads. This route is one of the UK’s most iconic cycle tours which takes you along the rugged coastline of Cornwall, up and down the valleys of the Peak District and culminates in the majestic Scottish highlands.

If you have any specific enquiries about joining from abroad please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Reviews & Testimonials

It’s always best to hear about an event from those who have taken part. Get a real flavour from past riders and journalists.

What is right for you?

We have five different packages to suit different levels so take the time to pick the right one for you.

Ask us a question

If you aren’t sure then we’ll be happy to chat through the ride, your current level and how much time you have to prepare.

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