Deloitte Ride Across Britain in the words of the riders

We’ve already had nine fantastic years of the ride. To get a feel for the event and to see what it’s all about, take a look though our rider reviews

Grab a cup of tea and browse through some videos that capture what’s it’s like riding with us from Land’s End to John O’Groats

The Threshold motto of “more is in you” rings true now – the most physically grueling but also rewarding thing I’ve ever been part of 
Alex Partridge, Olympic Rower

The fundraising impact and the life-changes it has promoted are amazing…I and the Deloitte team really appreciate all that was done to make this a landmark event for us, for Threshold, for 600 riders, and for thousands of people who’ve made a difference to great causes through their support, financial and otherwise.
Heather Hancock, Managing Partner, Innovation & Brand, Deloitte

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