UK Cycling Event Ride Across Britain - What's Included

We take care of every detail so you can just pedal

After 3 million miles we know what matters to a rider

Since the event started in 2010 we’ve taken over 3,500 riders from Land’s End to John O’Groats. We provide everything we can to get you to the finish line smiling no matter what your size, shape or experience.


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From sign up we start to get you ready for the challenge of a lifetime

Land’s End to John O’Groats is a monumental cycling challenge, but we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to get to the finish no matter what your background. From the moment you put down your deposit we are there to get you in great shape and to the start with everything you need. Below is an overview of what you will get:

  • Training programme
  • Additional training advice and support from our expert Technical Route Director
  • Access to exclusive Spring training day
  • Special offers on equipment, kit and bike maintenance
  • Maintenance and bike fitting guides to ensure you and your bike are in optimum shape

Want to find out more? Head to our FAQ’s page here

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We are there ahead of you, behind you and alongside you on the route


Fully loaded pit stops with food, drink, mechanics and medics

We lay on two to three pit stops each day along the route to get you checked and refuelled along the way. You’ll learn to love them the moment the flags come in to view and you turn in to be welcomed by a smiling crew handing out a wide range of healthy snacks and sports nutrition as well as cakes, pork pies, chocolate and other more flavour focussed treats. If you need it you can get a quick check up from the medics and mechanics and then it’s time to get back on the road for the next leg on your trip North.

Turn by turn signposting with every junction taken care of for almost 1,000 miles

Deloitte RAB was founded because we wanted more people to see the beauty of Britain when out on their bikes. To do this we know you have to keep your head up instead of buried in a map. This is why we signpost the route every single day so that, even though we are on quiet back roads most of the time, you will have to try pretty hard to get lost.
However, we love studying a map as much as anyone and so we also send out detailed route map PDFs and profiles of each day so you can get an idea of what you are up against, and plan for friends and family to wave you on your way.
We also know that lots of our riders use GPS systems and so we also supply up to date GPX files nearer the time.

Highly experienced ride chaperones

We think group riding is fantastic. Safer, faster and far more sociable. That is one of the many reasons why we have experienced chaperones spread throughout the field to help marshall people into groups throughout the event. Of course you are able to cycle solo as the course will be fully marked, but many of the chaperones have been instrumental in getting people to the finish line for an emotional bear hug at John O’Groats.

Rider timing & tracking 

When you sign in at Land’s End you will be given a tiny chip embedded in a numbered sticker that you attach to the left hand side of your helmet. From then on you will automatically be clocked every time you start the day, every time you go through a pit stop and when you roll across the finish line. This data is automatically uploaded to a website where you can check your registered time.

Broom Wagon

We hope you never have to see the inside of it, but we have a support bus following the event to pick you up if you are having a tough day. Lots of people have sampled the seats and made it back on the bike to finish the event although we do limit it to three trips to avoid it being used as a taxi service.

Free Rider photos

We’ve teamed up with Pic2Go to allow you to share photos of you out on the route. There’s no more waiting until you get home to upload your selfies, you can share your photos with your friends and family as you go to keep them up to date with your epic journey. 

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Fully serviced basecamps with everything from hot food to massages and a pub!

Our legendary basecamps are one of the main things that makes Deloitte Ride Across Britain such a great adventure. Forget putting up soggy tents. We make riders feel as comfortable as possible by ensuring our daily camps have everything you need for a home away from home. Base camps are located in green fields and race courses which provide the perfect mix of open spaces, views and a tranquil place to rest and share a few stories over a local ale.

Your own private tent awaits you each night

Every rider on the classic package has their own private two-man tent awaiting them each night. You will arrive in camp and when you are ready you can collect your luggage before being allocated your tent number. They are a little oasis each night and despite a few first night jitters nearly everyone reports sleeping soundly after the first big day. In fact many people write in saying they miss their tent and want to get back into the ‘bubble’ of RAB.

Food (and drink) worth riding 1,000 miles for

Cycling over 100 miles a day means refuelling your body with enough food to replace all those burnt calories. We don’t hold back in this department and make sure you have more than enough choice and volume throughout. Breakfast, dinner and afternoon tea are all taken care of and you can expect everything from fresh salads, mouthwatering meat, fish and vegetarian dishes right the way through to puddings worthy of Nigella. Nine days of riding it may be, but plenty of people report gaining weight on the ride. Oh, and did we mention there was a bar each night?

And then there are the showers, chill out areas, charging points, drying rooms…

As we said, this isn’t like normal camping. We have tried to provide everything we can to make the nine days as good as possible. To get a taste of what that is like we recommend reading some of the reviews and also check out the videos below.


Our medical teams are there for you on the road, at basecamps and pit stops

In addition to a team of base camp doctors we have paramedics in cars out on the route who are able to respond to any accident within the shortest possible amount of time. We also have massage therapists and a fully qualified sports physiotherapists to tend to any aches and pains. They are beloved by the riders and will help with pretty much everything except applying chamois cream.




Full mobile repair service including loan bikes to keep you rolling

We provide complimentary mechanical service and support whilst you make your journey to John O’Groats. There are mobile vans to help with breakdowns such as chain and wheel issues (not puncture repairs though) as well as mechanical support at every pit stop.

You can receive full service and repairs every evening and morning at the base camp and are welcome to a squirt of oil and use of the track pump when you need them. We even have spare bikes which you can loan for 24 hours if we need to spend longer fixing your bike. All this support should ensure you are able to keep pedalling North without any mechanical delays.


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Don’t fancy nights under canvas? The Plus package is for you

For many nights in the basecamp are part of the magic, but we know some people have a impassable aversion to camping. That is why we have launched the Plus package. You will enjoy all the same on route support as the Classic riders, but you will get shuttled to a nearby hotel each night to enjoy a proper bed.

  • 8 nights in 3* local accommodation within 45 minutes transfer time
  • Final night of the ride will be camping, experiencing our infamous basecamp for the awards ceremony
  • Meals in the basecamp or hotel, depending on proximity of the hotel to the basecamp
  • Massages every night as opposed to every other night on the Classic package
  • Dedicated Plus package manager

Due to limitation of some hotels along the route we can only offer single or double occupancy (sharing) and not twin options.

Please note: The final night of the ride will be camping.

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We lay on a huge amount, but these are a few extras you can choose to add on

  • Rider Transport to the start and from the finish: We use a 3rd party who provide shuttles to key locations such as Penzance, Exeter and Bristol in the South, and to Wick and Inverness in the North. More information on this will be communicated once you have registered.
  • Bike Transport to the start and from the finish: We use a 3rd party for this service where they collect and deliver to regional hubs.
  • Training Rides: We normally organise an optional training ride prior to the event for you to meet the team, get some miles in and practice group riding. This is estimated at around £40 pp.
  • Merchandise: Rider jerseys and other event merchandise are available to buy before, during and after the event.
  • Laundry: we provide a laundry service on the ride where you can get your kit professionally cleaned. This is available at the end of Day 2, Day 4 and Day 7 of the Ride.

*All prices and locations may vary once they are confirmed each year, but we will keep them as low as we can by finding the best value supplier.

Deloitte RAB benefits from scale to be able to put on a very professional service to the riders, but it also remains very friendly, with the personal touch. This is certainly the best catered for cycle event I have ever been a part of – the food is incredible!

Mark Beaumont, World record holder endurance cyclist

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