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We recommend that you book your bike and rider transport through our provider European Bike Express (EBE) to get to the event.  Please see the below information guides for details on this service.

Bike & Rider Transport and Extra Weight Guide CLICK HERE
International Bike & Rider Transport and Extra Weight Guide CLICK HERE


It can be difficult to get public transport or a taxi to the event so if possible, avoid doing so.

If you are being dropped off at the event, there are drop off and pick up zones at Lands End and at each Basecamp.


We will transport your bag for you to the next Basecamp each day. Please take note of the luggage allowances detailed below.

All your luggage, including a camping mat and sleeping bag, must fit inside your bag. Items must not be strapped to the outside of the bag.​ 

Classic / Scotland / England Packages: 16kg in one bag.​

Plus Package: 21kg split across two bags (one bag must not exceed 16kg. We suggest 1 x main bag of 16kg and 1 x day sack of 5kg).

We recommend that you pack as light as possible, but if you feel like you need more weight, this will be available to purchase through European Bike Express Click HERE for Classic.

Click HERE for Plus.