Stage 1: Land's End to Okehampton

The first of many hundreds of miles with fresh legs required for the unrelenting ups and downs of the Westcountry hills

The ride begins with some of toughest climbs of the entire route but these come with rewarding views of the impressive coastline, St. Michael’s Mount and Cornwall’s iconic china clay pits. Riders will cross the edge of Bodmin Moor and skirt around Dartmoor, hitting the short, steep climbs and descents that Devon and Cornwall are so famous for.

Key stats

  • Distance: 105.6 miles
  • Ascent: 8,232ft
  • Challenge Rating: 4/5

Highlights of the Day

  • St Michael’s mount
  • Stunning moorland
  • Steep climbs and fast descents
  • China clay pits

Top Tip

It’s a long way to John O’Groats and Day 1 is a tough one. Start slowly as there is plenty of time to push yourself later on.

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