The highlight of day two is undoubtedly the magnificent climb of Cheddar Gorge before your arrival in the UNESCO world heritage city of Bath


Skirting the edge of Dartmoor, crossing the Quantock Hills and arriving at the magnificent climb of Cheddar Gorge; this is certainly another ‘grippy’ day on the bike. The arrival in the stunning city of Bath where you’ll ride past some of the iconic sights of the UNESCO World heritage site to inspire you on wards. The town is built on an extinct volcano, meaning you will have a little sting in the tail with the final ascent up to the base-camp.

Key stats

Distance: 113.9 miles

Ascent: 7463ft

Challenge Rating: 4/5

Highlights of the Day

  • Views from the Quantock Hills
  • Cheddar Gorge
  • Ancient city of Bath

Top Tip

As the road flattens in the middle of the day, look to find other riders of a similar speed and start to ride in groups.

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