Stage 4: Ludlow to Haydock

If there is an ‘easy day’ then this is it as

day 4 has the least amount of climbing of all the days on the ride

By this point you will be well in the rhythm of the ride. Setting off with the sun rising over the hills, you will cross the edge of the Stiperstones hills before hitting the Shropshire and Cheshire plains around lunchtime. This is where the ride flattens out significantly and you can push out some steady miles in the peloton. The landscape becomes more suburban as the route passes between Manchester and Liverpool on the approach to Haydock Park and your next camp for the night.

Key stats

  • Distance: 106.9 miles
  • Ascent: 3,133ft
  • Challenge Rating: 2/5

Highlights of the Day

  • Views of the iconic Stiperstones
  • Pedal through the industrial heartland of England
  • Manchester ship canal
  • Some flat roads!

Top Tip

On the second half of the day you will be heading through some more built up areas. Keep alert and always follow the highway code.

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